Who completes the Decision Support Tool in NHS Continuing Healthcare?

Who completes the Decision Support Tool in NHS Continuing Healthcare?

Who completes the Decision Support Tool in NHS Continuing Healthcare?Can one individual complete a Continuing Healthcare Decision Support Tool?

Tip no. 27 in our series of 27 top tips on NHS Continuing Healthcare…

After a positive result in a Checklist assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare, the next stage is a full assessment, where a form called a Decision Support Tool is completed.

But who actually completes the Decision Support Tool in NHS Continuing Healthcare?

We hear of many families being told that a district nurse or other individual will complete the Decision Support Tool form – and send it to the family for comment.

This is flawed. Here’s why…

A full NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment looks more in depth at a person’s care needs and pulls together much more evidence than at the Checklist stage. The National Framework guidelines make it abundantly clear that, in order for that to happen, it must be carried out by a multidisciplinary team.

It is this assessment by a multidisciplinary team that informs what goes in the Decision Support Tool document. That’s who completes the Decision Support Tool in NHS Continuing Healthcare.

What’s more, the person being assessed (and/or their representative(s)) should be able to participate in that discussion.

One district nurse (or other individual) does not constitute a multidisciplinary team. Similarly, one individual cannot complete a Decision Support Tool based on whatever information he or she might have in isolation.

It’s also vital that a social worker or local authority representative is involved in the full multidisciplinary assessment. Read why here.

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You don’t have to fight this battle alone

Fighting a Continuing Healthcare funding battle alone can feel daunting. If you need to talk to someone about your case, read more here.


  1. Terry 2 years ago

    Hi Thanks for creating the website it has really helped me.
    I will write up our story in full as I believe it will help others
    Right now I’m up against the clock with a similar situation to others with elderly relatives
    I need some help
    The decision support tool for the continuing health care assessment by a multi disciplinary team is constantly referred to but I cannot find a link
    Please can you help

    • Care To Be Different 2 years ago

      Hi Terry – we are looking at offering some 1:1 support over the coming months. In the meantime I suggest you contact Farley Dwek
      http://www.farleydwek.com who have a wealth of expertise in this area and I am sure will be able to support you through this. Regards

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