What are Personal Health Budgets?

What are Personal Health Budgets?

NHS Continuing Healthcare retrospective reviews

Personal health budgets are an amount of money to support the health needs of the individual agreed in advance between the individual patient their representative and the CCG.

It aims to give patients with long term health needs more choice and control over the money which needs to be spent on their health needs. This can include therapies, personal care and equipment.

Personalised care and proper support planning is essential to making this work well for the patient.

A personalised care and support plan helps people to identify their health goals and together with the local CCG sets out how the budget will be spent.

The representative should:

  • Be central in developing their personalised care and support plan and agree who will be involved.
  • Be able to agree health and well-being outcomes they want to achieve together with the health and social care professionals.
  • Get an indication of how much money they have available for healthcare and support
  • Have enough money to meet the needs of the individual
  • Have the option to manage the money as a direct payment., a notional budget, a third party budget or a hybrid of these.
  • Be able to use the money to meet outcomes in ays and at times that  make sense to them in their care plan.

Who Can Have a PHB?

Adults eligible for NHS CHC Funding and children in receipt of CHC have had a right to have a PHB since October 2014.

NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care are running a public consultation on extending legal rights to have a PHB.

For information about PHBs in your area see your local CCG website:

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  1. Neeta 9 months ago

    Can a CCG impose cap on hourly rate under Personal health budget? My son is in a hospital for the past 14 months due to our CCG refuse to give him sufficient care, and the hourly rate are so low to meet very complex health needs. We are now told my son will be discharged in 4 weeks time with insufficient funds which does not meet his ver complex needs. Recently we been told that we must provide care in case of emergencies, if we refuse then the CCG will remove PHB. At night time we have agency providing care which is directly commissioned service by the CCG and we are also forced to step in in case of emergencies, does anyone have any advice how to deal with the situation.

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