Things You Need To Check Before Your Relative Is Discharged From Hospital

Many families report that their spouse or older relatives are often forced out of hospital and into long term care – or back home – before proper health needs and funding assessments have been carried out, and before suitable care provision…

Don’t Give Up When Faced With Ongoing Delays

As well as being a ‘national lottery’ as to which areas around the country are more likely to award NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC), it is also much of a lottery as to how quickly each NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will…

My Dad Has Dementia - So Will He Automatically Qualify For CHC Funding?

We are frequently asked questions along the following lines: My father has been diagnosed with Dementia, which is a health issue, so why is he not entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding? Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple!…
Doctor holding the hand of an elderly lady sitting in a wheelchair

Beware! Annual Reviews can lead to CHC Funded Care being withdrawn

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC) is a package of fully funded care provided by the NHS where an individual has a ‘primary healthcare need’ ie care needs over and above those that can lawfully be provided by the Local Authority (via…
Health visitor and a senior woman during home visit

Does the NHS Safety Thermometer's findings impact on your relative’s entitlement to CHC Funded Care?

Our previous blogs have looked at the importance of having up to date detailed and accurate care home records. These form the core evidence of any assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding and for any retrospective claim when seeking…
Searching through files

Why is it important to check your relative’s care home records?

If you are caring for a spouse, parent or other close relative whilst they are resident in a care or nursing home, then you will generally be familiar with their day-to-day care needs. Unfortunately, we know that often the care records are…
Attending a DST meeting

Can I appeal the DST whilst requesting a fresh Checklist assessment?

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding is a free package of fully-funded care provided by the NHS for all of your relative’s healthcare needs and their accommodation.  If your relative is eligible for this NHS Funding they should not have to pay…
people having a meeting

Attending an Assessment or Independent Review Appeal?

Here’s a recent question posted on our Facebook page: “Is it normal to be asked who is attending at the NHS Independent Review with you?   I’ve said yes, someone is coming with me, but do I have to tell them who as long as it is not…
Elderly woman with beautiful wrinkled face

Funding your relative's care - who pays?

If you are fighting for your relative’s entitlement to NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding, you need to understand the fundamental difference between social care needs and healthcare needs. An individual with a ‘primary healthcare need’…

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