Court cases for NHS Continuing Healthcare

The Grogan case

In 2005 Maureen Grogan challenged the NHS in the High Court for care funding... Maureen Grogan's family challenged her local Primary Care Trust's (PCT) decision to deny her Funded Nursing Care. (At the time it was a PCT, whereas now it would…

The Coughlan case

Pamela Coughlan's case clarified the law regarding NHS Continuing Healthcare Challenging injustice can be hard. Challenging injustice when you’re severely disabled, like Pamela Coughlan, requires extraordinary courage and determination. Pamela…
Making a Will

Making a Will

Make sure your Will is up to date It's one of the most important documents you can have. Having a Will is the only way to be sure that your wishes relating to your money and assets will be carried out after you die. If you know you need…
Elderly people and hospital care

Elderly have no advocate in the 'health' service

There was a time last year when I felt even greater despair than usual about how we treat elderly people in this country – and their carers. Both my parents were in full-time care in a nursing home. I was preparing for an independent hearing…
Elderly people and hospital care

Where is the NHS in elderly care?

"My father died aged 78. He had been ill for a long time with Parkinson’s Disease and dementia, and he was in a nursing home. He could no longer speak and his movement was severely restricted. About 18 months before he died I went with…
Elderly people and hospital care

Age discrimination on a massive scale

Age discrimination on a massive scale They say you can tell a lot about a nation or about people by the way they treat their elderly and vulnerable citizens. If that’s the case, we in the UK should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves When…
Financial planning for long-term care

Financial planning

Long term care - Protect your money, your property and your family ... and do it now Start thinking about financial planning for long-term care. If you have savings or property, it's extremely important to take professional advice from…
Poems about care

Poems for your wall

Poem about caring for elderly This poem may be helpful to put up in a care home bedroom or, with permission from the home, on the notice board. Blessed are they... Blessed are they who understand My faltering step and shaking hand. Blessed…
Elderly people and hospital care

Hospitals and elderly people

Going into hospital can be daunting for elderly people - and it's vital to be aware of the risks When an elderly person goes into hospital it's often at a crisis point – perhaps after a bad fall or during an acute decline in health. The…

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