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CHC case study no. 1

Success in securing NHS Funded Continuing Healthcare Continuing Care Case Study no. 1 This timeline shows the dates and stages of the case I pursued on behalf of my mother to secure NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. Read a short summary…
NHS Continuing Healthcare case studies

Case studies - NHS Continuing Healthcare

The criteria that determines who is 'eligible' for NHS Continuing Healthcare are open to interpretation by NHS health needs assessors. This means it can be very difficult to predict who will and won't be able to access the care funding. To…
Landmark legal cases

Landmark legal cases

The Coughlan case and Grogan case - and NHS Continuing Healthcare Many families have challenged the NHS on decisions to deny NHS Continuing Healthcare funding to their elderly relatives. Successful outcomes are sometimes reported in…
Going into a care home

Going into a care home

Moving into a care home is a big step, not just for the person going into care but for the whole family. Many emotions come to the fore. Sometimes you also have to feel your way through the process, as you’ve probably not had to do it…
Elderly relative in hospital needing full time care

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is funding provided by the NHS for people in full time care It's for people who are assessed as having a 'Primary Health Need'. NHS Continuing Healthcare is also known as ‘Continuing Care’ or ‘Fully Funded…
Social Services

Social Services

Social Services' care policy The first question anyone in authority asks you should be about your health needs, not your money However, if you need full-time care, the first thing your local authority/Social Services is likely to ask you…
Social Services

Elderly people - abandoned by the state

Valuing elderly people in care Successive UK governments seem to put elderly people into the category of 'no economic value' - and treat them as budgetary burdens. It means ths state seems to do everything it can to take away everything…
Social Services

Elderly care in the UK - betrayal and lies

Fighting for what needs fighting for Both my parents are in a nursing home and have been for the last three years. It’s heartbreaking to see anyone have to leave their home and go into care. With two parents in that position, the last three…
Social Services

Intermediate care - are you being illegally charged?

Be careful what you're charged for If you're coming out of hospital, your local authority and/or the NHS is responsible for providing short-term ‘discharge support’ and ‘reablement’ services to help you get back on your feet. ‘Reablement’,…

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