Southern Cross Healthcare Care Homes: Check whether your relative is affected

Southern Cross Healthcare Care Homes: Check whether your relative is affected

Find out what’s happening with each Southern Cross Healthcare care home

Southern Cross care homesIf your relative is in a Southern Cross care home, you may be concerned about who’ll be taking over the home, now that the Darlington-based Southern Cross group has collapsed.

The group has, until now, been the largest UK care home operator, running 752 care homes with 31,000 residents. However, the care homes themselves are now being reclaimed by landlords and the running of the homes transferred to new operators.

This process should be complete by the end of October 2011. However, not all homes have secured new operators, which raises the question what will happen to the residents of those particular homes once Southern Cross ceases trading.

This article in The Guardian newspaper lists the different Southern Cross care homes and outlines what’s happening with each one.

Southern Cross has 97 care homes in Scotland, 34 in Wales, 25 in Northern Ireland and just under 600 in England. The biggest landlord, NHP, will run 249 homes as a joint venture with Court Cavendish.

London & Regional, the second biggest landlord with 90 homes, will assign the running of the homes in the north of England to Orchard Care Homes and to Minster in the south east of England. Loyd’s Property is another landlord with 54 homes, but as yet without an operator.

250 homes will be transferred back to landlords who are also operators, including to Four Seasons. However, those homes for which an operator can’t be found may end up closing, leaving families and elderly residents facing uncertainty and painful upheaval.

If you have a relative in a Southern Cross care home, you may decide to move them somewhere new. It can be a difficult process – and it’s often hard to know whether the new care home really will provide good care for as long as your relative needs it. Our practical guide, How To Choose A Care Home, gives you some vital questions to ask a care home manager before you make a decision.


  1. Edward 9 years ago

    This is such a distressing experience for the people in the care home and of course for the relatives as well. I remember only too well how the upheaval and process of settling in again upset my mother.

    • Angela 9 years ago

      Thanks Edward. Yes, this kind of upheaval can have a terrible impact on the health and wellbeing of the elderly people involved. It would seem that vulnerable elderly people are often moved around to suit the care system, and it’s rarely in the interests of their health and wellbeing.

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