Need one to one help with your individual case?

The Care To Be Different website is a FREE online resource which provides lots of articles and information to help families to understand the NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding process. The website also allows families to interact with each other and share their experiences, by posting comments. This is supported by the Care To Be Different Facebook page. We also provide regular bulletins by e mail, providing updates and helpful hints and tips.

However, if you need one to one help with your individual case you can use our Advice Line Service, where you can schedule a telephone discussion about your circumstances with one of our expert advisers or one of our experienced nurses. The cost of this one to one telephone advice service is £72 for up to 30 minutes.


P.S. If you’re about to go through the NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment process, be cautious. Get as well-informed as you can before any assessments take place. What should happen in theory and what often happens in practice are two very different things. Our step-by-step ebook, How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care, will help you. Read more here.