Should you be paying care fees for a spouse?

Should you be paying care fees for a spouse?

Elderly couple - Should you pay for your partner's care?Are you paying care fees for a spouse or for your partner?

No. 5 in our series of 27 quick tips on NHS Continuing Healthcare…

We recently watched a news report about a husband and wife, where the husband needed care. The wife assumed that paying care fees for a spouse was normal – because the is what she’d been asked to do, and no one had informed her otherwise.

She was not only distressed at her husband’s failing health and increasing care needs, but she was also very worried about how she would afford the ongoing care fees.

Nobody should be asked to pay for someone else’s care – and this also applies to paying care fees for a spouse.

If the person needing care does genuinely have to pay for their own care, then it is that person’s money and assets ONLY that should be taken into account – not their spouse’s or their partner’s money, or indeed any other family member’s money.

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It’s also vital to keep in mind that a person should only ever be means tested if they are genuinely not entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare funding.

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  1. Gillian Napier 3 weeks ago

    My husband and I have lived separately for over 11 years. I am now worried now as my estranged husband may need care home nursing. I own my own house and everything is solely in my name as I owned this before I married. My estranged husband has never clothed me, fed me nor put a roof over my head. Will I be liable for paying any of his fees?

  2. Sarah 1 year ago

    I am worried my husband has MSA a rare condition under the Parkinson’s disease. I work and know I will need to keep working to afford to pay bills etc. When the time comes and he needs professional 24/7 care what will happen.?I am worried that I won’t be able to afford care home fees.

  3. Peter 2 years ago

    What happens if my wife goes in to care full time will I be forced to sell my house as she owns half

    • Care to be Different 2 years ago

      Hi Peter – no you won’t. As long as you are living there they cannot touch the house. Kind regards

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