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We are a specialist online information resource all about NHS Continuing Healthcare funding in England.

NHS Continuing Healthcare is NHS money that covers the cost of care for people who meet certain criteria in terms of their care needs. It is not means-tested and eligibility has nothing to do with a person’s money, home or savings.

If you (or a relative) need full time care and you have a certain level of savings/assets, you’ll probably be told to pay. But this is where mistakes are made. If you have health needs you should first be assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding.

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Old and young holding hands on light background, closeup

Get Help Breaking Down the Decision Support Tool: Skin (including tissue viability), Part 2

This series takes a detailed look at the domains of the Decision Support Tool. This week we examine the second two descriptors in the Skin domain, to help you assess your or your relative’s “level of need” in this important domain. Don’t…
1st July

Why aren’t you getting free NHS care?

Did you know that if you have been discharged from hospital after 1st September 2020 you may be entitled to free NHS care? When did the funding scheme start? From 1st September 2020, the Government introduced a national emergency discharge…
3 tricks to watch out for

Retrospective claims – 3 New Tricks To Watch Out For!

We recognise that NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have to make great savings in their annual budgets, but we have come across 3 scenarios recently that we just had to bring to your attention as CCGs seek more inventive ways to evade…

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How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care

Going into care or already in care? This guide could save your relative over £45,000 a year in care fees!*

  • Already paying care fees but not assessed for NHS free funding?
  • Been told to pay for care because you have savings or a home?
  • Waiting for a Continuing Healthcare assessment – but not sure what to do or how to get through it?

READ this book now and learn how to fight back. Available as an ebook/PDF or paperback!

Find out how this guide has helped others through the NHS Continuing Healthcare Process…

* Based on the average cost of care of £937 per week (Which.co.uk)

What Our Readers Are Saying

“I’m delighted to say that we have now been awarded NHS Continuing Care funding. For me, understanding the circumstances and processes from Care To Be Different was critical. I had to fight hard at most stages of the process, and this helped me gain the confidence to do so.”
Jane, Buckinghamshire

“In my normal work as a professional, I am confident and assured – but your information enabled me to be confident in this new situation, too. It can be very difficult to remain professional when dealing with the emotional side of caring and fighting for a parent. Your information there was invaluable.”
Steve H

“It has been a steep learning curve over the last few weeks, and I could not have got as far as I did along the CHC path without the information from Care To Be Different.“
Robert, Lancashire

“I would not have had the strength or confidence to continue my fight on behalf of my late Mum without this website, the information I have gained here is invaluable. Thank you so much CTBD.”

“This site is worth its weight in gold. I have learnt so much about the legislation of CHC since joining. Without this information I would not have had such a strong case. Also the ebook, how to get NHS to pay for care, is well worth the money. Thank you Care to be different.”
Isobel W

“Care to be Different should be advertised as widely as possible – I feel – for their informal, accurate, helpful and encouraging advice. Their resources are invaluable to anyone in need of proper advice regarding NHS Continuing healthcare funding and the myriad of legalities and obligations. Their reference guide is excellent (as are their many website posts on the various relevant subjects).”
Kim H

“Information to take you from start to finish…”
Paul W recommends Care To Be Different

“This site is excellent for the information on absolutely every aspect of the process, with genuine folk who like me feel that their loved one has been wrongly denied funding.”

“Wonderful information all in one place, best help ever for anyone.”
Paul HW

“Thank you Care To Be Different for this website and all the invaluable information it contains.”

“Care to be Different have provided a wonderful platform from which to highlight the problems that people are facing.”
Diane A

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