Nutrition and healthcare – when will doctors catch up?

Nutrition and healthcare – when will doctors catch up?

Nutrition and medical trainingNutrition and health – eat well to be well

American gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr Preston Maring, took the unusual step in 2003 of setting up an organic farmer’s market right outside the Kaiser Permanente hospital in Oakland, USA.

As this article in the New York Times reports, Dr Preston is a strong advocate for good nutrition and part of healthcare. He recognises, however, that many doctors find it extremely difficult to talk to patients about this – because they have so little training in it.

That’s what prompted him to start educating his student doctors about the link between nutrition and health – and encouraging them to walk their talk.

He believes the “kitchen must become as crucial as the clinic” and that “food is at the centre of health and illness”, particularly a plant-based diet.

He regularly tours health care institutions around the USA and doesn’t hesitate to “put doctors on the spot” when it comes to their knowledge about diet.

The link between nutrition and health is, of course, what many people outside conventional medicine have known for years.

Obesity, heart disease, cancer, dementia, arthritis, diabetes and stroke are all linked to diet and hydration, and with people now exploring and demonstrating the benefits of good nutrition for themselves, it’s increasingly obvious that medical training needs to keep up.

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