Need help from an NHS Continuing Healthcare solicitor?

Need help from an NHS Continuing Healthcare solicitor?

NHS Continuing Healthcare solicitor in officeDo you need help with your case from an NHS Continuing Healthcare solicitor?

You’ll find heaps of useful information on our website to help you with NHS Continuing Healthcare.

At the same time, doing battle with a CCG over NHS Continuing Healthcare funding can be frustrating and exhausting – not to mention daunting at times. It’s understandable that you might need help from an NHS Continuing Healthcare solicitor – someone on your side to fight the battle for you.

Having a specialist to help you with your individual case can be invaluable – and can save you a huge amount of time and stress.

It’s not always easy to recommend someone in this field, but we’ve built up a good relationship with Farley Dwek Solicitors, and we really like their approach. They’re a specialist family firm, they understand the law inside out, and they help families throughout England and Wales.

Andrew Farley - Farley Dwek solicitors

Andrew Farley, Director
Farley Dwek Solicitors

Whether you’re at the start of the process for a relative, or you’re stuck in the appeals system or you’re making a retrospective care fees claim, Farley Dwek can help you.

As NHS Continuing Healthcare solicitors, they also have a team of specialist nurses, who have worked on the ‘other side’ with CCGs and know what needs to be done to present a strong case. They can attend NHS Continuing Healthcare assessments with you, to support you – on your side – each step of the way.

They’re specialists, with hands-on practical experience acting for families in NHS Continuing Healthcare assessments and appeals – and in dealing with funding assessors and decision makers. They also understand what’s needed during assessment meetings – to challenge mistakes and misinformation.

In addition, they’ll tell you right at the outset if they don’t think you have a good case. It means you won’t be spending money unnecessarily.

Depending on the circumstances of your case and the likelihood of success, they may also be able to offer you a no win no fee agreement.

In the first instance though, you can talk about your case with them – free of charge – to see if they can help you.

Find out more about Farley Dwek here.


  1. Kevin Robinson 7 days ago

    My mother received NHS Continuing Healthcare last July. However I have just realised that we are also receiving Attendance Allowance. I think she should not any longer receive that?

    I am also assuming that NHS Continuing Healthcare should not affect her state pension. Is this correct?

  2. Susan Bradshaw 1 week ago

    Thank you, I will follow your advice and contact our local CCG, I did speak to PALS yesterday but they were not very interested or helpful, and I also spoke to mum’s GP, who agreed with me entirely but could not help me with taking things further, he just said that the NHS is bursting at the seams, I am sure she should have been entitled to be helped with her condition on the NHS, I will let you know what happens, thanks for getting back to me, will be buying your book,
    Thanks again , kindest regards,

    • Rita Brookes 13 hours ago

      Susan Go on YouTube and search for NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding Professor Clements, he explains the case law behind CHC funding – I think you will be surprised. Also CHC funding Perkins.
      They are eye openers

  3. Cath Myall 1 week ago

    Hello I have requested an NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Checklist for my father-in-law (who is currently in hospital following a hip operation. I asked fit speak to the the discharge coordinator but informed she is on maternity and there is no cover. I rang the CHC team who said they would sort it and anyone on the ward can do it. However you say that anyone can do it as long as they are “TRAINED”. See below
    “This stage should be relatively straight forward and quick. It should not be a long drawn out assessment, and it can be completed by any health or social care professional who has been trained in it.”
    So my question is what training should I expect them to have???…I am fully prepared for a battle but and have a reasonable understanding of the system but not clear what constitutes “TRAINED”

    Many thank in anticipation

    Cath Myall
    PS i bought your book , it’s great and many thanks for the enlightening information!!

    • Author
      Angela Sherman 1 week ago

      Cath – thank you for your very kind feedback on the book. I’m so glad it’s helpful. Assessors and decision makers need to fully understand the NHS Continuing Healthcare process, the eligibility criteria and the legal context in which the assessments are being carried out – including the legal limit beyond which the NHS must – in law – pay for care: Many families are given incorrect information by assessors, some assessors admit to never having read the Continuing Healthcare guidelines and some have never heard of the Coughlan case: It’s a pretty shocking situation at times.

  4. Susan Bradshaw 1 week ago

    My mum has just had to pay privately to have a reversal from a bowel cancer colostomy operation and a hernia repaired which was behind the stoma, as there is a two and a half year waiting list here to get that operation done. She is 78 years old and could not wait another 2 1/2 years for this surgery as her hernia was the size of a coconut and was pushing her stoma bag off on a daily basis – so she could not leave the house. Can she claim her costs back from the surgery?

    • Author
      Angela Sherman 1 week ago

      Susan – if your mother needs ongoing care, then she should definitely be assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. You may also be able to claim back some care costs retrospectively. Regarding the cost of the actual operation, though, this may be a different scenario, and I would take that up in the first instance with your local CCG.

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