Legal and money

Legal and money

Long-term care – legal and financial concerns

Legal and financial matters to do with long-term careTaking sound legal and financial advice is vital when it comes to making decisions about long-term care.

Assess your financial situation

By taking good advice from an independent financial advisor BEFORE you make those decisions, you can often put in place additional safeguards to protect your money, your property and your family.

You can’t transfer assets to relatives or trusts specifically to avoid paying care fees, but there may be other ways round it.

Read more about financial planning in advance of long-term care.

Appoint a Power of Attorney

It’s also vital to appoint a Power of Attorney – someone you trust who can manage your affairs and fight your corner if you become unable to.

By having this in place it’s much kinder to the people you love who will have to step in (sometimes very quickly) to manage your financial affairs and your welfare.

If you don’t have a Power of Attorney, the Court of Protection will appoint a ‘deputy’ to do this – and it may end up costing you a lot of money from your savings.

Read more about Powers of Attorney.

Update your Will

Check that your Will is up to date. You may not want to think about it now, but it’s very important and it’s the only way to may sure your specific wishes are carried out when you die.

It makes no difference to your life now but, as with Powers of Attorney, it’s much kinder to the people you love who will have to manage all the legalities and tie up all the loose ends after your death.

Read more about making/updating your Will.

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  1. Anna Sheppard 9 months ago

    My Dad passed away a couple of years ago,my parents owned their property and both names were on the deeds. My Mum is now in a nursing home and gets FNC their property has now been sold to pay Care home fees. As my Dad’s name was on the Deeds are the council entitled to 100% of funds or just my Mums share?

    • Care to be Different 9 months ago

      Hi Anna – it really depends who your father left his share of the property to when he passed away but have you looked into eligibility for NHS CHC Funding for your Mum as she may not have to pay at all? Call us if you’d like to chat it through. Kind regards

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