If you have local authority funding, why bother with NHS Continuing Healthcare?

If you have local authority funding, why bother with NHS Continuing Healthcare?

Why bother with NHS Continuing Healthcare funding?What’s the point in an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment if the local authority is already paying?

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It’s easy to think that if your local authority is paying for your care, then why bother with NHS Continuing Healthcare. After all, you don’t have anything to worry about regarding care fees, do you?

Here are 3 reasons why it matters:

1) Even if the local authority is is paying your care fees, they will still ask you for a contribution from your income. With full NHS Continuing Healthcare funding on the other hand, you do not have to contribute anything at all.

2) If the local authority is paying your care fees, your family may be asked to top up those fees out of their own money. With NHS Continuing Healthcare, however, you shouldn’t be asked to top up any fees. Indeed, it’s against the law for this to happen. (Remember also that social care top up fees are always voluntary.)

3) If your care fees are paid by the local authority it means that your care needs have been categorised as social care needs. However, this may mean that you are not receiving the full extent of care that you need. Read about the 2 main objective of an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment.

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You don’t have to fight this battle alone

Fighting a Continuing Healthcare funding battle alone can feel daunting. If you need to talk to someone about your case, read more here.


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  1. Pauline wright 2 years ago

    Hi my mom is 94 and has vascular dementia had many falls over the last couple of years more recently and has been hospitalised 3 times since Boxing Day. She was allocated an AEB last week after discharg from hospital and was there for only a few hours before falling again and taken back to hospital where she still remain. The original EAB unit refused to take mom back to there as her original needs had changed. The social worker has now put mom on the list for another AEB but this could take time before being allocated due to availability. I have a private nursing home that I could get mom into and for the 4/6 week assessment our family could put together for the fees. Would I be entitled to do this and would social services accept the private homes assessment report. If so would mom still be eligible for social services funding in one of the chosen homes. Also the private home have said they could do an assessment on mom to see if they could accept her and carry out a CHC also. Any help on this would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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