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Here are some free guides to help you on your care funding journey. We have also produced an in-depth book that can be purchased from our book shop and offer a Nurse Advice Line Service for anyone wishing to speak with a specially trained Nurse Advisor for further help and guidance.

The 7 costly mistakes most families unwittingly make with care fees

…and 5 tips to help you avoid them

Free Guide To Care Funding Issues

The guide details each step of the process, from the Initial Checklist Assessment right through to Appeals and provides handy tips and real life case studies. We’ve had many people tell us that the Guide helped them through the process to achieve a successful outcome.

Why does Care To Be Different exist?

In an ideal world, it wouldn’t be needed at all. Sadly, the care funding system can be a minefield for families.

The Care To Be Different website was started by an individual after she tried to understand the care funding system when her parents needed care.  Her parents went into full time care in Spring 2005 whilst both suffering with Parkinson’s Disease and dementia, plus each had other medical conditions including heart disease, several strokes and latterly her father had cancer.  Her parents both sadly died in 2009.

They were incorrectly charged for care fees – when in fact the NHS should have covered 100% of the cost instead.

The original founder of Care To Be Different challenged the NHS on their attempts to wrongly make her parents pay for care, and she eventually secured full NHS Continuing Healthcare funding covering all care fees for both of them.

Care To Be Different website is based on the stories of hundreds of families, the vast majority of whom have experienced appalling practice by NHS and local authority assessors.

The Care To Be Different website has been developed as a specialist information resource, providing practical information about NHS Continuing Healthcare funding specifically for families – to help them understand the NHS eligibility process to obtain free care funding; to battle against the NHS on level terms; to challenge abuses of process and perverse decisions by when obvious funding has been rejected; and to help families fight for their rights and entitlement to NHS Continuing Healthcare funding where appropriate.

The Care To Be Different brand and website has been acquired by Continuing Care Solutions Limited. Jonathan Dwek and Andrew Farley are Directors of both Continuing Care Solutions Limited and Farley Dwek Solicitors Ltd. They came across this amazing website which they loved, as it fits squarely with their company’s ethos and nationwide campaign to bring the deficiencies in the NHS Continuing Healthcare funding process into the public domain. They also loved the idea that Care To Be Different website provides lots of helpful facts, tips and suggestions, and a plethora of invaluable information and resources in simple plain language  – absolutely free!

Here’s what Our readers are saying

“Always helpful and this site is so knowledgeable re this subject, as Angela went through this shameful process, and passed on her experiences to a wider audience, which I think most of us now, will be very grateful for.” – Dawn W


“I read your article: 10 Tips About Care Fees You May Not Know! It’s a brilliant read I and I learnt a lot from it. It’s always nice to hear useful information with great research to help others…” – Kay

“Just wanted to say what a helpful website / book you have – thank you so much.” – Louise L

“CHC is the NHS’s ‘best kept secret’ and Care To Be Different, through their excellent website and supportive Face Book page provide the tools to help families unlock this. Having a sound knowledge of the ‘system’ certainly helped me to secure full CHC funding for my mother following a second eligible assessment in September 2019. Recently, after a 2 1/2 year battle, her first completely flawed ineligible assessment was overturned at IRP. ” – Anne H

“Website is a wonderful source of information and has helped us so much.” – Lorraine F

“Fight for your rights! After 4 years of CHC funding my husband was told he was no longer eligible. We went to an IRP panel in the middle of COVID all done via a linked phone interview with 6 people involved. We had 500 pages of case notes to work through but with grit, determination and your ‘How to get the NHS to pay’ book we won the case. We were 2 hours on the phone & totally exhausted but so happy when we got the result 2 months later! It can be done so don’t give up.” – Diana D

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