Daily top tip: Make sure you’re assessed correctly for NHS care

Daily top tip: Make sure you’re assessed correctly for NHS care

When it comes to being assessed for care fees funding, you may experience a ‘battle of wills’ between Social Services and the NHS.

Neither will want to pay for care.

Generally speaking, Social Services (the local authority) provides ‘social’ care (which is means-tested) and the NHS provides ‘health’ care (which is free at the point of use).

If you have health needs and someone speaks to you about an ‘assessment’, make sure it’s an NHS health needs assessment, not a local authority assessment.

Logically, the NHS will want Social Services to pick up the bill for care. That may be why health needs often seem to be incorrectly defined as social needs by the NHS.

Conversely, Social Services will want people with no savings (and who cannot pay for care) to be funded by the NHS.

Sadly, online forums show that many families are caught in the middle of these conflicting agendas. That’s why it’s important to understand the funding you may be entitled to, including  NHS Continuing Healthcare – fully-funded NHS care. Read more…


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