Daily top tip: How to protect your home from care fees

Daily top tip: How to protect your home from care fees

Take advice before you move out of your home

The Intergenerational Foundation has today suggested that elderly people should be encouraged to move out of their homes into smaller ones – to free up housing stock.

However, what has not been mentioned is the significant financial risk to those elderly people, should they subsequently need care.

  • If you need full-time care, you don’t necessarily have to go into a care home; you can choose to receive full-time care at home instead. And if you need nursing care, this should be funded by the NHS. However, if you’ve moved into smaller accommodation, there may no longer be space for a live-in carer or nurse.
  • If you find yourself being means-tested, remember this: Your home is currently protected against being taken to pay for care if:
  • your partner still lives there
  • a younger relative still lives there who is incapacitated
  • your former partner (divorced or estranged) still lives there and is a lone parent
  • a dependant under 16 lives there
  • a relative over 60 lives there (or in some circumstances a friend who has been caring for you for some time and for whom the property has become their home)

However, if you’ve already moved into smaller accommodation, it may not be possible for these people to live in your home and, when that happens, you may no longer be able to protect it.

Always take sound financial advice before you make any decisions about your property or your other assets – and make sure the adviser you see can clearly demonstrate that they understand care fees.

How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care eguideIf you currently need full-time care for health needs, the NHS may have a duty to pay 100% of the costs. You’ll find lots of practical tips and advice in our guide, ‘How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care‘.



  1. melanie pursglove 4 years ago

    What is the situation on property which is jointly owned i.e. my mother and myself her daughter. It is my residential home. I believe that the Palfrey case (?) may have established a case where the house would need to be nil rated as a portion of it could not be valued. However, I have my suspicions that the LA would still seek to place some sort of charge on the property

  2. Rob 9 years ago

    Such good advice. I know so many elderly people who make decisions because they believe it’s expected of them, rather than being in their own best interest.

    • Angela 9 years ago

      Thanks Rob, Yes, I think the older generation is more ‘compliant’, and so elderly people are at much greater risk of losing out in a care system that is anything but fair,

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