Daily top tip: Adult social care reforms – don’t lose your home to pay for care!

Daily top tip: Adult social care reforms – don’t lose your home to pay for care!

Don’t let a mix-up between health and social care cost you your home

There’s a huge amount of incorrect information published in the press about care fees.

There’s also a great deal of misinformation given to people by local authorities and by the NHS (especially when it comes to money and assessing people for funding).

Today’s press coverage about the badly-needed reforms to adult social care in England and Wales fails to make one crucial point:

If you have predominantly health needs, the NHS is responsible for providing care – and NHS care is free of charge at the point of use, no matter where you receive that care.

If you have an elderly relative needing care and you ask about being assessed for NHS care…

  • You may be told that there’s ‘no procedure’ for assessments. This is completely false.
  • You may met with blank looks. Many people who work in health and social care don’t know the rules and some choose to ignore them.
  • You may be told by your local NHS that it’s a local authority matter. And you may be told by your local authority that it’s an NHS matter. This kind of buck-passing is, sadly, all too common.
  • You may read in the press that you always have to pay for care if you have some savings. This is false.

It can be a minefield out there. Do your research – and use the pages on this site to help you. Read more here about paying for care and free NHS care.


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  1. Bob McGill 8 years ago

    What you say is so true. The system seems to be set up to frustrate the public and so many I know just go along with the easier option.

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