What to do when an NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist is rejected

What to do when an NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist is rejected

Evidence - what to do if NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist is rejectedWhat can you do when an NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist is rejected by the CCG?

No. 3 in our series of 27 quick tips on NHS Continuing Healthcare…

If you’ve had a Checklist assessment and the result is that you’re not being put forward for a full multidisciplinary team assessment, what should you do?

If you disagree with the outcome then – in a nutshell – appeal.

These 3 words in the National Framework guidance can help you when you’re asking for the Checklist to be reconsidered. We’ve included them in capitals below.

National Framework, page 26, paragraph 76:

“Where the outcome [of the Checklist] is not to proceed to full assessment of eligibility, the WRITTEN decision should also contain details of the individual’s right to ask the CCG to reconsider the decision. The CCG should give such requests due consideration, taking account of ALL the information available, including ADDITIONAL information from the individual or carer.”


  • You should receive a Checklist decision in writing (many families don’t)
  • The CCG should show that it has examined all the evidence relating to your relative’s care needs
  • You can send the CCG more information to reinforce your case.

3 further points from NHS Continuing Healthcare guidance you may not know.

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You don’t have to fight this battle alone

Fighting a Continuing Healthcare funding battle alone can feel daunting. If you need to talk to someone about your case, Farley Dwek Solicitors are offering a free initial discussion on the phone. Having a specialist to help you can give you renewed energy and impetus to keep going. Find out more here.


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