Are you missing out on free nursing care?

Are you missing out on free nursing care?

Registered Nursing Care Contribution (RNCC) – or free NHS-funded Nursing Care (FNC) – is a tax-free benefit paid to people in care homes.

It’s paid directly to the care home, and its purpose is to cover the costs of any nursing care required. It should reduce the total care fees for the resident.

RNCC is not the same as NHS Continuing Healthcare.

There is no assessment as such for RNCC. The only way anyone can decide whether you should receive RNCC is for you to first have an assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare. Read More

If you’ve been turned down for NHS Continuing Healthcare, but you still need some nursing care, you should receive RNCC.

Very often, however, these two things are considered in reverse – wrongly. As a result, people are given RNCC (at just over £108 per week in England) instead of being awarded fully-funded NHS Continuing Care (covering 100% of care fees).

You should be assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare first. Only after that should you be assessed for RNCC – not the other way round.

Some people are also wrongly told that RNCC is not available to people in residential homes. This is untrue. What matters is the kind of care you need, not where that care is provided or who is available to deliver that care. Nursing care can be delegated to non-nursing staff.

RNCC is available throughout the UK. Read more about RNCC and find out how much you could receive.


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