Age discrimination on a massive scale

Age discrimination on a massive scale

Age discrimination on a massive scale

They say you can tell a lot about a nation or about people by the way they treat their elderly and vulnerable citizens. If that’s the case, we in the UK should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves

When it comes to elderly care, the NHS steps outside the law whenever it chooses. It expects elderly people to just put on their nightgowns and go and waste away.

It is age discrimination on a massive scale. It is State theft of personal money and assets, and the denial of essential healthcare to people who have already paid for it.

Elderly people in the UK are often treated like an unwanted commodity that has lost its value and that everyone wants to offload as quickly as possible. At a time in your life that can be immensely distressing, to be shoved from pillar to post and know that no one wants you must turn your soul hollow.

Elderly people are compliant. And elderly people can rarely fight for themselves. The NHS relies on this. If an elderly person has no one to fight on their behalf, they don’t really stand a chance.

Unbelievably, the Human Rights Act does not cover private care homes, even though they’re inspected by the State. Even more unbelievably perhaps, when this changes, if you’re in a care home and forced to pay your own fees, you STILL won’t be covered by the Act.

The abuse is deep. You can be forced to move to a different care home because you’ve been fleeced of all your money by the State – and no one will help you. Your rented room in a care home is the only space on the entire planet you can call your own. Few in government will care what that trauma will do to the last months/years of your life.

If you stay well in old age, you keep your house; if you’re ill and in care, and you’re single or widowed, you lose your house, your money and any prospect of leaving anything at all to your children; your inheritance tax is 100% and all your money effectively belongs to the government.

There is a prevailing presumption that free nursing care – the same nursing care that is available to the UK population at large – should not be available to old people. And yet if nursing homes didn’t exist, our elderly would be in hospital – because they have healthcare needs.

Successive UK governments see these vulnerable and frail people, most of whom are dying with multiple medical diagnoses, as clutter for the economy. They’re damaging budgets and diminishing targets.


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