How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care (paperback)

Paperback. A5 size. An informative, easy to read reference guide you can carry around with you. Light and fits easily into your bag. Highlight key areas as a support aid.

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How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care (PDF/ebook)

The e-book version contains interactive links to other helpful articles and relevant documents, such as the NHS National Framework, Checklist and Decision Support Tool. Use the search facility to find key areas of interest quickly or simply click on the sub-headings in Contents to take you directly to the pages you want to view.

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How To Choose A Care Home – ebook

If your relative currently needs care and you’re not sure what to look for in a care home, this e-guide, Learn more

How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care

If your relative is already receiving – or likely to need – full-time care, make sure they’re properly assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. This is NHS funding and it covers 100% of care fees. Our book, How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care, helps you apply for the funding – and fight your relative’s corner. It has been updated to reflect some of the more important changes to the revised NHS National Framework which came into effect on the 1st October 2018 and takes you step-by-step through the Continuing Care assessment process – including getting an assessment (or re-assessment) done, what to do and say (and what not to do and say) before, during and after an assessment, the many pitfalls to look out for and how to argue for higher assessment scores. It helps you hold the health and social care authorities to account, so you’re more likely to secure the funding.

Coping with everything when a relative needs care can feel bewildering. Add to that having to figure out who pays for that care and how to access funding, and it’s not surprising that stress levels rise even further.

This book shows you how to prepare for an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment, how to argue your case for funding, what to say and do in assessment meetings – and, crucially, what NOT to say and do. It’s loaded with great tips about what happens IN PRACTICE – not just in theory – and how to fight back against NHS and local authority tactics that may wrongly prevent your relative accessing NHS funding to cover care fees.

“I have recently spent two years fighting with a CCG that was operating an aggressive CHC avoidance regime – my mother had severe dementia. After over one hundred letters and three meetings,  I eventually proved at an Independent Review Panel that she was eligible for NHS funding. I have now had the opportunity to read this excellent book, which contains a wealth of useful information that would have been of enormous help in accelerating my learning curve, particularly in the early stages.  Given the significant financial sums involved with CHC (I recovered £200,000 of retrospective funding for my mother’s care), this book represents a very good investment and I would thoroughly recommend it.”

Philip Mathias
Rear Admiral (Rtd)

“Fight for your rights! After 4 years of CHC funding my husband was told he was no longer eligible. We went to an IRP panel in the middle of COVID all done via a linked phone interview with 6 people involved. We had 500 pages of case notes to work through but with grit, determination and your ‘How to get the NHS to pay’ book we won the case. We were 2 hours on the phone & totally exhausted but so happy when we got the result 2 months later! It can be done so don’t give up.”
Diana Dickerson

“..the information from articles on the website and hints given on dealing with these assessments were vital and gave us the confidence to proceed. We had also purchased their book ‘How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care’ which gave invaluable advice.”

“Care to be Different should be advertised as widely as possible – I feel – for their informal, accurate, helpful and encouraging advice. Their resources are invaluable to anyone in need of proper advice regarding NHS Continuing healthcare funding and the myriad of legalities and obligations. Their reference guide is excellent (as are their many website posts on the various relevant subjects).”
Kim H

“My relative had the MDT meeting yesterday. I am her POA and representative. Due to her advanced dementia, she did not attend. I did. I had ordered the Care to be Different book, and spent two weeks studying it so I was word perfect. As advised, I collated every bit of evidence relevant to the claim. The book is worth its weight in gold. Easy to read and full of clearly written information. It added enormously to my confidence in the MDT meeting. I could argue my case, backed by the information I gained from the book…I thoroughly recommend the Care to be Different book, as you need all the information you can get, and you will certainly find it therein.”

“I bought this online yesterday and thanks to its excellent advice have just won my husband’s appeal.”

“Yesterday I received notification that my CHC application for my relative has been successful. I bought and studied your excellent book before the MDT. Without this, I am sure the outcome would have been different. It was invaluable, many thanks.”
Julia C

“Thank you for the expert advice on your website and in particular your publication “How to get the NHS to pay for care”. CHC is a difficult process to navigate and a well guarded secret but with your resources and many hours of study it can be achieved..”

“I am writing to thank you for your work on this website. The information has been invaluable and it is well worth paying for the booklet you have produced. It has taken 2 years after my mother’s death for the CCG to decide that their original decision was wrong and that my mother should have received full funding.”
Susan K

“Very good advice and the best place to look for any info on CHC”.
Pat H recommends Care To Be Different

“Essential support for anyone entering the Kafkaesque world of Continuing HealthCare applications or appeals”
Paul S recommends Care To Be Different

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