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Information about NHS Continuing Healthcare

  • what’s right and what’s not when it comes to care fees in England
  • how to apply for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding – and appeal decisions that deny funding
  • what to look out for in NHS Continuing Healthcare assessments and how to fight your relative’s corner
  • how to ensure your elderly relative gets properly assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding after being discharged from hospital

…and much, much more. It means you have the best chance to secure the care funding your relative may be entitled to, and to protect their money and their home.

Get informed – read as much as possible

Information about what should actually happen in NHS Continuing Healthcare assessments is not always easy to find. Families report that it is often hard to know which way to turn when someone needs care – and many people feel that the system is designed to stop people accessing the care funding they’re entitled to.

The information on this website is based on the extensive research into the care funding system in the England carried out by Care To Be Different – and also the personal experience of hundreds of families who have contributed to this site through their comments and by sharing their experiences.

Read these first – NHS Continuing Healthcare advice:

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NHS Continuing Healthcare solicitor in office

Need more help with your case?

The NHS Continuing Healthcare process can be exhausting.

You may be going through the initial assessment process or feeling stuck with an appeal – or you may be claiming back care fees retrospectively.

If you need a specialist solicitor to help you with your individual case, read more here.

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