What are the 2 objectives of an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment?

What are the 2 objectives of an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment?

Purpose - objectives of an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessmentWhat are the 2 main objectives of an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment?

This is no. 2 in our series of 27 quick tips on NHS Continuing Healthcare…

A Continuing Healthcare assessment is not just about funding; there’s also another vital aspect to this process.

Many families report being told that Continuing Healthcare funding for their relative is unlikely to be agreed because of CCG budgets. Such budget considerations should, however, never be a part of this process; instead, it should be about care needs only.

So what are the objectives of an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment?

The assessment process has 2 key objectives:

1) to establish what your relative’s care needs are (crucially, so that the right care is in place)

2) to establish whether that care is the legal responsibility of the NHS or the local authority to fund.

It should never be an assessment of your relative’s money, nor is it an assessment of CCGs budgets or their willingness to pay. Read more here about the NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment process.

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You don’t have to fight this battle alone

Fighting a Continuing Healthcare funding battle alone can feel daunting. If you need to talk to someone about your case, Farley Dwek Solicitors are offering a free initial discussion on the phone. Having a specialist to help you can give you renewed energy and impetus to keep going. Find out more here.

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  1. Sandra 1 year ago

    We’ve got a Multidisciplinary Team meeting on Tuesday, and both the Continuing Healthcare (CHC) assessor and the Local Authority (LA) assessor have mentioned a third option of ‘Joint funding’. Are we seeing the demise of CHC? My friend would be a self funder, so the possibility of a three way split of funding – CHC, LA and us would leave us picking up 2/3rds of costs. If we don’t get full CHC we’ll lodge an appeal and seek legal advice. Am i correct in doing so?

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