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  • My 3 biggest mistakes with NHS Continuing Healthcare

    Avoid making these 3 NHS Continuing Healthcare mistakes Today’s article is from the founder of Care To Be Different. She shares more about her own fight for NHS funding for her parents, including her 3 biggest mistakes with NHS Continuing Healthcare. These mistakes are easy ones to make, as many families know only too well. That’s why being well-informed and […]
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist assessment – 11 common mistakes

    Have you had problems getting through the NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist assessment? Checkout the 11 common mistakes below… The NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist assessment is the first stage in the NHS Continuing Healthcare funding assessment process. This stage should be relatively straight forward and quick. It should not be a long drawn out assessment, and it can be completed by any […]
  • Typical mistakes in NHS Continuing Healthcare assessments

    There are many myths and misconceptions about NHS Continuing Healthcare, and many families find the process confusing because of the misinformation they’ve been given. Here are some tips to help with some of the questions families ask most – addressing some of the typical mistakes in NHS Continuing Healthcare assessments: No one can say whether a person will or won’t […]
  • Continuing Care assessments: 2 frequent mistakes – Part 2

    Stable and predictable needs in Continuing Healthcare We continue our two-part article about frequent mistakes made in Continuing Care assessments. In Part 1 we looked at how your relative may be wrongly given low scores in assessments because they are receiving care and their needs are being managed. However, it’s always the underlying need that should be assessed, not the […]
  • Continuing Care assessments: 2 frequent mistakes – Part 1

    In Continuing Healthcare well-managed needs are still needs When we’ve reviewed NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment notes for families, with a view to helping them appeal NHS decisions to deny funding, we notice many mistakes made by Continuing Healthcare assessors. Assessment errors stem from poor interpretation of Department of Health guidelines on the part of assessors, whether out of ignorance or […]
  • Your mum has ‘social’ needs, so she won’t get funding…

    Here’s a comment posted by Emma in reply to one of our previous blogs, which is typical of the frustration felt by many families going through the assessment process. “Today I came out of an NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Checklist meeting for my mother, with the next stage being the Decision Support Tool meeting. The assessor states she believes my […]
  • Why you should consider making Lasting Power of Attorney or a Will

    Many individuals don’t understand the vital importance of having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) or a Will in place, whilst they are alive. It is often one of those jobs that tends to get put on hold, perhaps because some people don’t really know what an LPA or a Will is; how it can really benefit them; or are […]
  • Placing a relative into care…

    There may become a point in your life where your parents, spouse or relative, inevitably reach the stage that they can no longer be cared for either in their own home, or if living with you, in your home. They may be suffering with a combination of physical and/or mental health issues, which require intense or prolonged care, or specialist […]
  • Keep this handy: Jargon busting – a quick guide to some of the key terms…

    Here’s a quick refresher guide to some of the key phrases that you will frequently encounter when applying for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding and some helpful commentary: NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (or ‘CHC’ for short): Is a complete package of free-funded care that is paid for by the NHS if your relative has been assessed as having a ‘primary health […]
  • Rejected for CHC Funding? Part 1: How To Appeal The MDT Decision

    If your relative has been undergone a Multi-Disciplinary Team assessment (MDT) and the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have advised that there are insufficient healthcare needs to justify NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding, then read on to find out how to appeal the decision if you believe it is wrong… Once the MDT’s Decision to reject funding has been made it will […]